Course Structure

We have designed our course structure in such a way that it never disturbs the regular study time of the student. Our aim is to supplement the regular syllabus of the student. Keeping this in mind, the class timings and course duration has been aptly designed.

  • Helps to memorize information for exams

  • Helps to remember very long numbers and equations

  • Helps to remember people´s name easily

The class is of two hours duration and is essentially conducted on weekends, which ensures that it does not clash with the regular school timings.

At the end of each term tests will be conducted to qualify students to the next term.


There will be an examination end of the each level and will be awarded certificate.

Also merit certificate will be warded for rank holders. Rank will be awarded according to time digit. Time digit is total mark divided by time taken. High time digit scorer will get rank. Rank is depend not only in mark also in time taken. Children are trained to manage speed and accuracy.

End of the entire course completion certificate will be awarded with their latesr colo photograph.


We do believe that a teacher is the pivot of the educational process. Classes are taken by eminent and efficient faculties who have undergone extensive training in this field with good teaching experience. The faculty members would be the ideal guide to bring out the latent potential in the student.

We take utmost care to motivate each and every student to grow in all dimensions; intellectually, emotionally, academically, physically, culturally and artistically.

A professional effort has gone into preparation of the curriculum. The curriculum has earned high appreciation for the fact that it very rightly suits students of all age groups and IQ levels.

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